The Edge Computing Market in Detail: Edge Use Cases & Micro Markets

Seamster is a global initiative exploring how edge computing is being used today.

In support of Seamster’s mission, Topio contributed an extensive market analysis, examining the edge drivers and market size in 23 vertical markets across 14 different technologies - a total of 322 different micro market segments. This data - the most extensive publicly available edge micro market analysis - was released on the Seamster platform on May 7th 2020.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the market size and drivers for edge computing
  • Key markets for edge computing by micro-market activity & edge computing requirement
  • Drivers for edge in specific vertical markets
  • Technologies and new services enabled by edge computing.
  • Understanding the analysis methodology combining Topio’s Carolus AI platform and human curation.
  • Clarifying Seamster’s mission and community & how to participate.