Edge Idea Challenge

Tell us your use case ideas for edge compute and win awesome prizes!

Edge computing provides compute resources closer to where they are needed, for applications like autonomous robots, real-time interactions, augmented & virtual reality, and more. For this idea challenge, Seamster.io is inviting you to share creative ways edge computing can be applied to power next generation experiences.

Your idea can be as short as a single sentence. Just make sure to tell us why edge compute is necessary. Here’s are a couple of example winning submissions (clearly, do not resubmit these!):

  • My idea is a building that can detect when someone is hurt and call emergency services and edge compute is necessary to run video analysis.
  • I would love to see autonomous robots that could build a house and edge compute is necessary to enable the robots to see as well as pick-up and move objects..
  • The remote always finds ways into the netherfolds of the couch and it would be great to have gesture control as a function of the room so that I can wave commands to the TV. Edge compute is necessary to translate the video from the room cameras to commands for my various devices.


Ideas must leverage a mobile phone.

Ideas cannot be recycled from mobiledgex.com or seamster.io.

Individuals can submit more than one idea.

Ideas can be submitted in any stage of development, from the initial idea stage to already operational businesses.

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Applications due May 15, 2020

Finalists are determined and emailed by June 1, 2020