Tags: Public Safety, High Bandwidth, Low Latency, Remote Management, Hyper Location

Unmanned Life

Drones provide many new opportunities for on-demand video feeds (in this case for support of disaster response).

For many of these applications, the use of multiple drones is an attractive option because the incremental costs are small, but that in turn requires attention to drone “swarm” control to manage the interactions between the multiple drones.

Unmanned Life is a UK headquartered software and SaaS provider offering Autonomy-as-a-Service for Industry over 5G, across major verticals like Supply Chain Logistics, Telco, PubliSafety, Smart Cities and Manufacturing. The example is their work with Swiss Post developing a drone-based system for autonomous response to disasters providing live video surveillance and feeds for first responders.

Industry: Public Safety

Business Need: Quicker, more effective and safer disaster response by using drones to provide video coverage.

Edge Features: High Bandwidth, Low Latency, Remote Management, Hyper Location

Industry Perspective

As drones are used more commonly, applications that use multiple simultaneous drones will become more common, and require more attention to the coordination and management of the swarm.

Edge Need: Location coordination among drones can be improved with local coordination provided at the edge.

Ease of Incorporation: Development of multi-drone applications often depends on first the development of the base digitally transformed business processes and applications, which can require integration with and adaptation of complex delivery systems (in this case, disaster response generally), in which case those precursor changes gates growth of these applications.

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