Tags: Manufacturing, 3D Modeling, Image Processing, Localization, AR

ScoreAR Assembly

Complex products like airliners typically have bespoke (unique) designs for each plane manufactured, when you consider all of the options (seating plans, passenger entertainment systems, cabling, engine choices, instrumentation choices, etc.) so assembly and service of each plane is literally different.

Extensive computerization of the design and assembly documentation, and modern AR systems let assembly workers and service technicians see the specific documentation for that unit, and see assembly and service instructions visually overlaid onto the physical structure.

ScoreAR is an up and coming AR systems company headquartered in San Francisco that has helped build this kind of system for major aircraft builders (e.g., Lockheed/Martin).

Industry: Manufacturing

Business Need: Improve product assembly and service times and productivity. Improve product and service quality. Decrease required training time without diminishing efficacy.

Key Enabling Technologies: 3D Modeling, Image Processing, Localization, AR

Industry Perspective

Consumer AR is on the threshold of really taking off. Consumer product volumes drive advances in technology and integration that in turn lead to more powerful and yet cheaper headsets that can be exploited for commercial application.

Edge Need: The processing required is not consistent with self contained, lightweight, and long battery-life headsets. Some form of computational offload is essential. Mobile edge based services are an attractive alternative to locally installed and operated servers and necessary to accomplish to largest usage footprint (e.g. servicing planes in secondary airports).

Ease of Incorporation: This technology should integrate relatively easily into the existing, complex business processes and technical systems already in use in these industries. Design and manufacturing is highly data-based and computerized; this just adds dynamic, A/R functionality to those systems.

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