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Schneider Electric Retail Inventory

Retail store inventory management — having the right products on the shelf — is a critical aspect of store efficacy and consumer satisfaction.

Nothing is worse for a customer that coming to a physical store looking for a specific product and finding it out of stock.  At the same time, minimizing inventory stocking and logistics costs is a key part of retail cost efficacy, and retail is a thin margin business.

Schneider Electric SE is a large French multinational corporation, and leading provider of IT infrastructure (power, cooling, interconnection, rack-mount, etc.).  Schneider has described edge opportunities for retail and highlighting the importance of retail inventory management and optimization.

Industry: Retail

Business Need: Inventory management is a critical internal retail system with impact on customer satisfaction (out of stock) and margin (inventory optimization).

Key Enabling Technologies: Inventory Management, OnPrem Edge

Industry Perspective

Significant in store database processing will play a critical role in retail inventory management with intimate integration with store scanner systems, leveraging all the retail intelligence available from that source.

Edge Need: A significant amount of this processing has to be done in store if scanner data is to be fully exploited.

Ease of Incorporation: Some retailers (WalMart) have been doing this for decades. For other chains, and smaller stores, the biggest limitation is the complexity of their inventory systems (vendor relations, logistics, optimization) and all that has to be changed to make significant changes.

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