Tags: Manufacturing, Global Deployment

Rolls-Royce Engineering

Modern turbine engines are complex, but may require in-person maintenance in non-factory or service depot locations, creating a need for access to comprehensive engineering information and collaboration systems wherever the work is done.

Rolls-Royce is a global leader in the design and manufacture of sophisticated aviation and power generation turbine engines. Rolls wanted a way to provide better access to their engineering support systems than building their own data centers and didn’t want to be dependent on a public cloud provider.

Industry: Manufacturing

Business Need: Effectiveness and productivity of support and design engineers working in locations remote from company facilities.

Key Enabling Technologies: Global Deployment

Industry Perspective

As application systems become more distributable though initiatives like what VMware doing, the attractiveness of this kind of solution will grow (the ability to deploy application elements locally for enhanced performance) rather than explicitly managing global instances of the application and coordinating their joint operation.

Edge Need: Edge cloud services are a cost-effective, managed alternative to multiple, self-managed, distributed application instances.

Ease of Incorporation: Rolls-Royce wants to take advantage of existing distributed application virtualization and management tools (e.g., the broad VMware suite). The only thing limiting the deployment and use of this use case is the availability of an edge platform capable of running VMware-structured applications with network services enabling transparent integration into existing VMware distributed application systems.

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