Tags: Sports, AR, Video Processing, IoT, Data Analysis


Augmented Reality can be used to integrate dynamic statistics and other analytics into a professional sports viewing experience.

For example, a fan watching a game on a standard TV broadcast, using an A/R headset could see personalized, dynamic statistics, visually adjacent to the game screen.

Immersiv.io is a French company leveraging AR technology and building hybrid viewing systems to enhance the experience of watching sporting events, focusing specifically on Soccer (“Football” outside of the US).

Industry: Sports

Business Need: Increase fan loyalty (and indirectly profitability). Optionally get incremental revenues from these additional analytic services (additional to, and complementary to, the analytics incorporated in the broadcast).

Key Enabling Technologies: AR, Video Processing, IoT, Data Analysis

Industry Perspective

Professional sports is a highly profitable but also highly competitive industry. Younger fans want multi-screen experiences; analytics plays an increasing role in many professional sports both for the team and for the fans.

Edge Need: A/R applications are computationally intensive. Edge implementations of A/R consumer applications broaden the available market and simplify the solutions compared to the alternative of requiring more expensive A/R systems or coordinated use a personal computer application, for example.

Ease of Incorporation: The broad availability and use of A/R headsets is the limiting factor. The solutions exist and statistical analysis is a hot topic in many professional sports already.

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