Tags: Manufacturing, Image Processing, Machine Learning, AI, Low-latency

Gestalt Robotics

Industrial automation is transforming rapidly, building on progress in IoT (connection into the Internet), image processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and high-performance networking technology.

Gestalt Robotics is a German software company focussed on advanced factor automation solutions.

Industry: Manufacturing

Business Need: Business process agility (quicker response to supply and demand changes), manufacturing agility (rapid setup for a different product), manufacturing process availability (predictive planned maintenance instead of disruptive maintenance), better quality and cost-efficacy (more automation).

Key Enabling Technologies: Image Processing, Machine Learning, AI, Low-latency

Industry Perspective

As robots become more capable and mobile, and more are integrated into manufacturing processes, better needs to coordinate their joint activities (motion) are needed.

Edge Need: More powerful image analysis for self-guided, mobile robots will enable better “swarm” behavior. This kind of processing is very latency and bandwidth sensitive, and ideally addressed by edge computing rather than centralized cloud computing.

Ease of Incorporation: There are many options for improving manufacturing automation driven by various KPI’s (see Business Need). The value of this kind of solution depends on the increased use of multiple self-guided robots (which in turn depends on these solutions).

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