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Modern websites have increasing complex pages. CDN technology only works when content has been recently loaded by another user which is diminishingly probable as content becomes more personalized.

Given the well-known intrinsic throughput limitations to TCP/IP connections with high-latency, different solutions are needed for optimized page acceleration.

EdgeMesh is a Los Angeles based startup that is taking advantage of new communications modalities in HTML5 enabled browsers to do high-performance preloading of website pages. EdgeMesh uses new “out of band” browser communications ports, and UDP-based communications to support probability based preloading of web pages into the browser cache.

Industry: eComm

Business Need: Website responsiveness for greater user satisfaction, greater engagement and higher transaction completion percentages.

Key Enabling Technologies: Low-latency, IoT

Industry Perspective

EdgeMesh has designed an application based on browser JavaScript code and use of a cloud-based  preload store (a “cache” in CDN terms) that can be deployed into the mobile edge for optimal web performance for cellularly connected users and optimized web sites.

Edge Need: An EdgeMesh preload content cache can be prepositioned anywhere in the network, including on a mobile edge node, if that improves service for a meaningful percentage of the supported web site’s users.

Ease of Incorporation: This kind of solution is relatively easy to add but it requires software that observes web site use and builds the predictive next page model, and it requires deployment and operation of the content stores. The service has a real cost that must be justified in terms of the business improvement for the accelerated web site owner.

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