Winners Announced in the Seamster Edge Idea Challenge Contest

Three winners were selected from more than 120 entries that suggested novel use case ideas to solve edge computing challenges.

by Jeff James, MobiledgeX

Seamster Welcomes Heather Blanchard as Executive Director

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Heather Blanchard as the first Executive Director of Seamster.

by Jason Hoffman, MobiledgeX

Why Do Companies Join Seamster?

Seamster is the only edge community, open discussion, that is focusing on the demand side — the needs, the business and the opportunities (including modeling), and will capture best practice solutions and business returns from edge solutions in all industry segments.

by Geoff Hollingworth, MobiledgeX

Why Do Operators Join Seamster?

Telecom’s opportunity is the safe opening up of the global mobile infrastructure to the many application and service builders that have never been able to work within traditionally closed mobile infrastructure, and the renewed opportunity to work with device makers by providing programmable, intimate device support outside of the traditional Telco generational technology cycle.

by Geoff Hollingworth, MobiledgeX

The Seamster History

2020 is a watershed year for MobiledgeX with the introduction of Seamster and our B round of funding. It turns out they are related. Here’s the story in brief.

by Jason Hoffman, MobiledgeX

Coronavirus, Telecoms, 5G and the Edge: Some thoughts

COVID19 is a once in a lifetime, highly disruptive, global event. Communications and cloud services are being tested and exploited as never before. Dean Bubley, one of the leading Telco strategy analysts, shares his early thoughts and analysis about what has been learned and what is likely to change as result.

by Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis

Edge Without Business Outcomes is Like Flying Blind

Established, well-devised business outcomes are the surest way to ensure edge computing delivers on its value proposition to the enterprise customer base.

by Joe Wojtal, World Wide Technology

Framing the Edge Discussion

To understand the value of potential edge use cases we first take a look at the edge landscape and explore a mental model to frame the discussion.

by Peter Christy, Industry Analyst